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We love our American racing heritage and The Race of Gentlemen is a living breathing celebration of that history filled with action and fun for all!


TROG goes through great lengths to bring its spectators back in time to those early days of racing. We expect our racers to have the time of their lives and showboat their machines to the fullest. Cars and bikes must be hopped up and look authentic to racings golden era.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.
— Henry Ford

Bikes and cars must be stripped down for racing and you may be asked to modify your vehicle even further if selected. Space is limited and submissions are hand selected for their authenticity. All entries must be pre-approved and must comply with the spirit of the event. If your vehicle has raced before we would like to see modifications made in order to be re-approved. Sorry, no pick up trucks or sedans unless they are heavily modified competition style race vehicles, ie; (Setback engines, heavy chops, extreme channel, major speed equipment).

Note: Only completed race cars/bikes can be entered for submission. Incomplete projects will not be reviewed or accepted until final completion, and cars/bikes are race ready for final submission. Only one racer per vehicle.

You must read and agree to comply with these specifications prior to submitting your entry. 


The Race of Gentlemen “Competition” Car Specs for 2019

Autos must be modified to enter TROG. Stock/antique cars with fenders pulled off to emulate hotrods do not count. All engines must be hopped up and prepped for speed. We have four race classes; 4 cylinder, flathead V8, drag class and “early” OHV (additional details below).

Year: Car bodies must be 1934 or older, American made only.

Engine: American made 4 cylinder and V8 flatheads up to 1953.

Fuel: Gas only, (97 octane or less) NO ALCOHOL OR NITRO!

Running gear: 1953 and older. No modern transmissions, disc brakes, alternators, etc.

Wheels & Tires: 16, 17 & 18 inch wheels only. No widening of wheels, stock only. No slicks over 7 inches wide. 

Paint: Period paint that emulates the early days of racing. No late model graphics, No vinyl stickers or emblems, etc. Cars can be shiny, primered or have old paint. No sponsorship/advertising allowed on cars or bikes without written consent.

Additional requirements and restrictions: No headlights, no Fenders on hot rods. Cars must have visible race numbers. Paint, white masking tape or shoe polish.

*Notes: Vintage reproduction parts are accepted. i.e.; frame rails, intakes, cylinder heads, ignition systems, Stromberg carb's, etc. Converted 12 volt generators are ok, no alternators. Absolutely no fiberglass bodies.


Bracket Classes:

4cylinder Auto Class: All American flathead four cylinder makes and speed vintage equipment are accepted. Over head valve, trans adapters, and 1939 transmissions are acceptable. No modern transmissions or parts accepted.

Flathead V8 Class: 1932 through 1953 American flatheads and speed equipment is accepted. No late model Carb's, or alternators are accepted. All vintage speed equipment and 12 volt converted generators are accepted. We no longer allow T-5 or modern transmissions in the bracket racing.

Drag/Rail Class: All entries must use stock model T or A frames only. Homemade tube needs to be submitted for approval. You can not lengthen frames over the stock Ford Motor Company length, you may shorten if you wish. Wheel base or front and rear axles may move or be altered in either direction. Acceptable engines are, Flathead 4cyl, Flathead V8, and Straight six only. No bodies or tin is allowed in the drag class, only a small firewall if desired. Roll bars are optional, but must resemble safety bars of this era. Square bars, round tube only. No full cages or roll bars made from exhaust tube.

Early OHV:

Pre 1955 (1954 or older): Overhead valve motors will be accepted for Santa Barbara Drags! There is a limited amount of room for these. Please submit and stand by for acceptance. Sorry, we are only taking so many this first time.

Rules are: Engines, Pre 1955 (1954 or below). Transmissions, 3 speed Ford only, Ford banjo rears only. Bodies up to 1941.

Non-Competition Classes:

Half of our race weekend is dedicated to bracket racing of the competition classes, but the other half is all in good fun!
Grudge Matches: run for fun, race your friends, banger vs V8, sprint car vs motorcycle etc., anything goes.

The car entry form is now Closed!

GooD luck!!!


The Race of Gentlemen “Competition” Motorcycle Specs for 2019


Modify your bike for racing. No “straight off the street” bikes. No headlights, No full fenders, etc. Bikes must be “Bobbed” and stripped down for racing. The idea is to recreate the look and feel of bikes that would be drag racing in the streets in the late 1940’s and 1950’s. This is NOT a Rat Rod or Steam Punk event! The below specs are for motorcycles from 1930 – 1957. Big Twins and 45’s. For motorcycles that are pre 1930, send in your photos and descriptions.

Year, Make and Model: 1957 or older American made Big Twins and 45’s only. No “K” Models or Sportsters.

Engine: 1957 or Older: Big Twins and 45’s only. Knucklehead, Flathead, Panhead or other American Overheads – No aftermarket motors, S&S, etc.

General Overall: Period fasteners. No Nylon Zip Ties. No yellow, red, etc. plug wires (if you have them wrap them in black friction tape). No modern hardware. No billit or modern parts.

Fuel Tanks: OEM tanks, modified and period smaller tanks (i.e. Wassell, Hummer, etc.) may be accepted upon approval.

Carburetor: Period Carburetors. Linkert or other factory or period (1957 and older) carburetors. Absolutely NO LATE MODEL CARBURETORS… No Mikuni, S&S, etc.

Ignition: Period timers, distributors and magnetos. Exception on magnetos: Older Sportster type, Morris or Joe Hunt type magnetos are OK with approval. None of those modern looking magnetos.

Transmission: Period transmission. No blatantly late model or aftermarket transmissions.

Shifting: Period shifters and clutches. Hand Shift, Foot Clutch are acceptable – no later style “Jockey” ratchet lids, no aftermarket chopper style clutch pedals. Period foot shift conversions (i.e. B&H, Thoro Shift, Speedy Shift) are OK.

Frame: Harley-Davidson– OEM Rigid. Indian– OEM Rigid or stock sprung rear (40-53). Other American brands– OEM frames

Forks: Period Forks. Harley Springer, Indian Girder or Leaf Spring… Period Hydraulics -i.e. H_D, Indian, and Vard are OK. Other period Hydraulic forks submit for approval.

Wheels: Period wheels and hubs– No late model hubs. Early Aluminum rims are OK.

Brakes: Period Mechanical Drum– No disk brakes, or hydraulic drum brakes.

Tires: Period Tires with Period Tread – Aggressive OK (i.e. Grasshopper, Firestone ANS, etc.) “Streetable” period slicks are OK.

Paint: Period style paint that emulates the time period. No late model tank graphics, emblems, etc. Bikes can be shiny or crusty as long as they are Period Correct. No blatant “Rat Rod” or Steam Punk style paint jobs.

Number Plates or Painted Numbers : Period Number Plates with racing number clearly visible on both sides of the bike and front fork (if possible). Period style number plates, No yellow plastic Motocross plates with zip ties.  Paint or shoe polish on both sides of the gas tank is OK if you can’t do plates.

The Bike Entry form is now closed!

Good Luck!