Open Hooligan Class

Open Hooligan Racer Requirements Open Hooligan

Riders must be 18 years or older and have participated in at least 1 Hooligan Race prior to this event but not more than 5 Hooligan Races. Please provide the name, location and date of the last Hooligan race you participated in.  Sorry no pros allowed.

All Racers must Wear:

o   Full Face DOT Certified Helmet – Shatter resistant face shields or goggles must be worn

o   Boots at least 8 inches high

o   Jersey – preferably black (no bright colors)

o   Full finger gloves

·        Submit a picture of yourself in your riding gear to be considered for the race.

Hooligan Motorcycle Requirements


  • Modern 1986 and newer, stock production motorcycle must have started with a 750cc twin or larger displacement engine.
  • No changes to the geometry of the frame will be allowed.
  • Kickstands must be removed
  • Cracked or broken frames are prohibited


  • Lights and turn indicators should be removed if possible.
  • All lights not removed must be completely covered with tape so any and all glass/plastic is retained in the event of an impact. Clear tape is acceptable.


  • No front brakes are allowed


  • 19” Flat Track racing tires or 17” wet/rain racing tires only.
  • Tires from any manufacturer are permitted
  • No knobbies, paddles, dual sport, slicks or other tires types allowed


  • Stock, production motorcycle must have started with a 750cc twin or larger displacement engine
  • Engine modifications are open.


  • Exhaust pipes and mufflers are mandatory and cannot extend beyond the rear tire

Fluid Use and Containment

  • Coolant may be propylene glycol based, and needs to be nontoxic and water soluble. Ethylene glycol is prohibited  
  • All drain plugs and oil fill caps must be safety-wired except plugs that are secured by other approved methods
  • Oil filter bolts must be secured with safety wire
  •  Oil filter cans must be secured with metal clamps and safety wire
  • All vent lines coming out of the engine that have positive pressure must be routed into a filter of at least 23 square inches (2.5” diameter x 3” long) or a heat-resistant catch can of at least 350cc or of sufficient capacity to contain breather oil for the duration of a race
  • All vent, breather or overflow tubes coming from the radiator must be routed into a heat-resistant container with a capacity of at least 250cc.

Handlebars and Controls

  • Cracked or broken handlebars are prohibited
  • Control levers must have minimum ¼ inch diameter ball ends
  • Motorcycles must be equipped with a functional ignition cut-off switch or button, mounted on the handlebar and within reach of the rider’s hand when placed on the grip
  • Motorcycles must have a self-closing throttle mechanism
  • All handlebar ends must present no cutting hazard
  • All levers, pegs and other protruding parts must be rounded or taped for safety