45"Brakeless Class (1952 or older)

45’ Brakeless Racer Requirements

Riders must be 18 years or older and have participated in at least 3 vintage circuit races prior to this event registration.  Please provide the name, location and date of the last 3 races you participated in.

All Vintage Racers Must Wear:

o   Appropriate riding gear including:

§  Appropriate Helmet

§  Jersey (preferably black) or Leathers

§  Boots above the ankle

§  Gloves

§  Long Pants

§  Eye Protection

o   Submit a picture of yourself in your riding gear to be considered for the race.

45” Brakeless Motorcycle Requirements


  • 1952 or older 45" Flathead. Exception for Harley-Davidson 45 engines: Due to the fact that Harley 45 Flathead engines are basically all the same throughout production, we will be allowing motors built up from later Harley 45 Solo and Servi-Car cases upon review.


  • No Restrictions


  • Harley-Davidson– OEM Rigid. Indian– OEM Rigid or stock sprung rear (40-47). Other American brands– OEM frames


  • Period Forks. Harley Springer, Indian Girder or Leaf Spring… Hydraulics i.e. Vard, must be pre-approved


  • No Lights


  • No Restrictions


  • Period transmission. No blatantly late model or aftermarket transmissions.


  • Period Hand Shift, Foot Clutch – no “Jockey” style ratchet lids, no aftermarket chopper style clutch pedals
  • Harley-Davidson – Tank shift
  • Indian or other American Motorcycle – Tank shift or Factory off the transmission (i.e. Indian Scouts), Crocker, etc.


  • No restrictions


  • Appropriate flat track tires

Number Plates or Painted Numbers:

  • Number Plates with racing number clearly visible on both sides of the bike and front fork (if possible). Paint or shoe polish on both sides of the gas tank is OK if you can’t do plates.