Welcome race fans, to the Race of Gentlemen lineup!

We are very excited to announce the addition of a West coast race! Now everyone gets two chances to enjoy the rich heritage of American innovation and speed. We will be moving our East coast race to June, so no more hurricanes to threaten our fun. The West coast race will be in October, when the weather is just right.
As ye olde Mariners and watermen would say, "Time and tide wait for no man." While we love the excitement of living on the edge and a good gamble, we would rather place our bets on which machine crosses the finish line, then trying our odds on side stepping another big October storm.

    October 14th-15th Oceano, California:Buy Tickets

    Please stay tuned for more detailed information in the next coming weeks. Everything from where to stay (or camp) to the night time festivities. We promise you lots of thrills & chills are in store and more non stop racing action than ever before!

    June 3rd- 4th Wildwood, NJ:Buy Tickets

    Night of the Troglodytes!
    Pre-party and Chopper exhibit
    6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
    The Surfcomber Motel
    4800 Atlantic Ave., Wildwood. NJ
    60's-70's choppers and show bikes need only apply. Please email nightofthetroglodytes@gmail.com

  • Race Day! Gates open at 8:00 am
    Race starts 9:00 am and ends at 6:00 pm.
    Fun for everyone! Live Music, kids area, food and beer vendors

    World's Biggest Bonfire!
    Bonfire party on the beach 7:00pm-Midnight
    Live Rock n Roll under the big tent

  • Race Day Two! Gates open at 8:00 am
    Race starts 9:00 am and ends at 6:00 pm
    Live Music, kids area, food and beer vendors


    PLEASE NOTE: Race times may vary depending on ocean tide. No coolers are permitted on the beach. Drinks will be available for purchase from a vairety of vendors.  

  • Click any of the following hotel links and stay close to all the action! Be sure to mention The Race of Gentlemen when booking.
    Landmark Motel: Website Link | Email Link
    Sea Shell Motel: Website Link
    Lotus Inn: Website Link Email Link

  • "Period Correct" is what TROG is looking for. We go to great lengths to get all the structures, banners, signage and more just right to emulate beach racing from the 1930's and late 1940's.
    Over all appearance is important for your vehicle or bike to be chosen. Cars and motorcycles that fit the look of authentic racing vehicles from the early 1900's to the early post-war era have a greater chance of being selected. Modify your car or bike for racing, they must be bobbed and stripped down for racing.
    You may be asked to modify your vehicle to better fit the look and feel of the race. Space is limited and submissions are hand selected for their authenticity. All entries must be pre-approved and must comply with the spirit of the event. Sorry, no trucks or sedans.

    Submissions are due by April 5th for New Jersey and August 1st for California. Only completed race cars and bike should apply. We will not approve incomplete projects. We must see your machine ready to race in order to review your submission.
    To enter, please email a detailed description of your machine with pictures to info@theraceofgentlemen.com

    YEAR: 1934 or older, American made only
    ENGINE: 1953 or older, American made
    FUEL: Gas only, no alcohol or nitro
    RUNNING GEAR: 1953 and older. No modern transmissions, disc brakes, alternators, etc.
    ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS AND RESTRICTIONS: No headlights, no white wall tires, no fenders on hotrods (some early-teens speedsters and racers may be exempt, but must be pre approved). Cars can be shiny or crusty as long as they are PERIOD CORRECT!

    4 BANGERS: 4 cylinder American made motors. Flathead and Overhead conversions compete in the same class
    V8 FLATHEADS: 8 cylinder factory flathead American made motors prior to 1920 (ie; Duesenberg, Stutz, Speedsters, Indy cars, etc)
    If you want to senter a pre '53 six or twelve cylinder motor and your car is approved, you will run as an Exhibition Car only.

      YEAR: 1947 or older. American Made only
      ENGINE: 1947 or older. Knucklehead, Flathead and other American Overheads. No aftermarket motors, S&S, Etc.
      CARBURETOR: Period Carburetor. Linkert or factory carb. No late models carb. No Mikunis, S&S, etc.
      TRANSMISSION: Period tranmission. No blatanly late modelor aftermarket transmissions
      SHIFTING: Period hand shift, foot clutch. No "Jockey" style ratchet lids, no "cheater" hand clutches
      Harley- Tank shift only
      Indian or other American motorcycle- Tank shift or factory off transmission (i.e. Indian Scouts)
      FRAME: Harley- OEM Rigid. Indian- OEM Rigid or stock spring rear (40-47). Other American cycles- OEM frames
      FORKS: Period forks. Harley- springer. Indian- girder or leaf spring. Hydraulics (ie: vard) must be pre-approved
      WHEELS: Period wheels and hubs. No late model hubs or aluminum wheels
      BRAKES: Period mechanical drum. No disk brakes or modern drums
      TIRES: Period tires with period tread. Agressive is OK (ie: Grasshopper, Firestone ANS) No motocross knobby, paddle style or modern tread tires permitted. No white walls.
      PAINT: Period paint that emulates the time period. No late model tank graphics, emblems, etc. Bikes can be shiny or crusty as long as they are PERIOD CORRECT!
      NUMBER PLATES OR PAINTED NUMBERS: Period number plates with racing number clearly visible on both sides of the bike and front fork (if possible). Period style number plates. No yellow plastic Motorcross plates with zip ties. Paint or shoe polish on both sides of the gas tank is OK if you can not do plates.